Chloe’s Birth Story

I wrote this blog almost four years ago. I’m reposting this now coz it’s my little one’s 4th birthday. Time flies really fast.

June 15, 2010 - Tuesday: I had an appointment with my OB. She said my cervix is already 2 cms. dilated and it is possible that I would give birth after 72 hours. She also said that I should expect bleeding after my IE (internal examination) but I shouldn’t be worried unless it doesn’t stop.

June 16, 2010 - Wednesday (Nine days before my due date): At around 4:00 P.M. I was in my room alone playing a video game (Need for Speed, I think). The only people present during that time were my aunt and some guys renovating and painting our house. Instinct would tell me that I am about to give birth because I felt blood coming out of my you-know-what. I called my mom to fetch me and we went straight to the hospital which was 5 minutes away from our house. At around 5:00 P.M. I was already in my private room. My OB visited me and she was laughing because she thought that I was just nervous. She also reminded me that the bleeding was just normal after my IE. To cut the story short, she had to induce me. The process of jumpstarting my labor started at around 7:00 P.M. but I couldn’t feel any pain which should be expected during labor. At around 9:30 P.M. they took me to the labor room, I still couldn’t feel any pain. I was attended by several nurses and moments later my OB arrived. She actually slept in bed next to mine and said that I should just wake her up once I start to feel contractions. She checks on me from time to time. At around 11:00 P.M. my OB had to rupture my water bag and what I felt after that was unexplainable. I didn’t know where the pain was coming from. All I knew was the baby was about to come out. I am sure that they could all hear me cursing quietly. After an hour of agonizing pain, the nurses took me to the delivery room. Twenty minutes later (3 to 4 pushes), Chloe Francesca showed us her beautiful face. I could remember it clearly, it was exactly 12:20 A.M. (June 17) when I first heard my baby cry.

I am so proud of myself. It’s as if I wanna get pregnant and give birth again. LOL. Thanks to my
great coach Dr. Rosemarie R. Catapang-Parinas (best OB ever) and some nurses at Urdaneta Sacred Heart Hospital who took care of me because I didn’t have to endure a lot of pain. Big thanks to Francis, my family and my in-laws who stayed with me at the hospital and to our Dear God for keeping me and Chloe safe from harm. It was indeed a very wonderful experience and I thought it was worth sharing.

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The trip that was

I was organizing and deleting some files on my phone to free up memory space. I was looking through some old pictures and I realized I never blogged about my recent trip to Singapore yet. I have only uploaded one or two pictures on Facebook but I’ve never shared what this trip was all about. Our original schedule for the business trip was March 2 to 15, this was during the UAT but for some reason it was cancelled the last minute.

It was March 28, one week before the Go-Live. I was at home (Friday is my regular work from home schedule), I was packing for a summer getaway with my high school friends that coming weekend. My friends were already on their way to the beach. My family and I were supposed to leave Saturday afternoon after my daughter’s graduation from toddler class. It was late in the afternoon when I received a phone call from my Project Manager and said that they need one ABAP Consultant to be in Singapore for the Cutover. I was hesitant at first because it was a short notice and of course I wanted to go to the beach that time. I even said I needed more time to think and I would just call her back. She also said that she will talk to the delivery managers and see if she can convince them that there’s no need for an ABAPer to be on-site. Well, any member of the ABAP team can work even if we’re in Manila anyway. I waited for their final decision. At that point, I stopped packing for the summer getaway already.

To cut the long story short, I began processing my travel request two hours later. PM said, I really have to be on-site because I needed to work on urgent issues, specifically for the CS module. It was almost the closing of business when my travel request was approved. I only had a few minutes left to ask the business center to arrange a flight for me for Sunday. I chose the PAL flight because Singapore Airlines was fully booked at that time. This turned out to be a good thing by the way. That SIA flight never left the airport because the plane had an engine problem before the take off. I knew this because the CS Lead of the project, the person whom I was gonna support in Singapore was in that flight. He got stuck in the airport for 9 hours. Going back to my story, a nice lady from the business center booked my flight, sent me my itinerary and said that I should just wait for my e-ticket to be sent via email. I waited until almost midnight but my e-ticket never came. Instead, I received an email early Saturday saying that they couldn’t issue a ticket because the fare price had change. The original fare was 24,000++ but it became 52,000++. I called up the company that assists HP employees with business travels which is in Australia by the way. The lady I spoke with said that since the HP Business Center in Manila is closed on Saturdays, they can’t charge my airfare on the HP central account. My only option was to pay using a corporate card, my AMEX card. That’s 52,000++ freaking pesos on a flight to Singapore. The price is almost a equivalent to a flight going to Europe and Singapore is just less than 4 hours away. I said I wouldn’t do it. I instructed her to book me the earliest possible flight to Singapore the following week and to coordinate with the business center in Manila that I have changed my flight schedule. The weekend had passed and I still haven’t left the Philippines.

When I returned to work the following Monday, the first email I saw was my e-ticket. I spent the entire Monday doing my daily routine for the project and went home early to continue packing for my 6:00 AM flight the next day. Everything went fine except for my bad stomach during the flight. I took a cab from the airport and checked in at our serviced apartment (somewhere in the Clarke Quay area) to freshen up a bit before going to work. I spent the next 5 days debugging programs and resolving various issues. To be honest, this trip made me nervous. For one, it wasn’t a pleasure trip, I was there to work and I was the lone ABAPer there. Glad I survived. Will post pictures next time.

Christmas + Year End Celebration with my Shared Delivery team. Nice to see my former teammates in Coke AppDev again. (at Burgoo)

Had a chance to pass by Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway yesterday. Now there are 3 expressways (NLEX, SCTEX, TPLEX) to get to the north. Once this is fully operational, the trip from Manila to Baguio will only be 3 hours. The best part is, there’s an exit in my hometown, Urdaneta. #TPLEX #Pangasinan #Urdaneta #Tarlac #LaUnion

We’re the babysitters (together with ate Tin who took this photo) in yesterday’s family reunion. The kids wanted to swim but we couldn’t find a resort cheap enough for a hour one stay. Ayan pinangkape na lang nila.

Breakfast. Kape at donut. Took advantage of the short queue in Glorietta last night coz Chloe wanted some. Short queue is still 1 hour waiting time though.

Late upload. Taken last Saturday at Jollibee Trick or Treat. Chloe dressed up as her favorite Disney Princess, Rapunzel. We couldn’t find a wig, thanks to my sister Bryce for her creativity and resourcefulness hehe. #pwedena #halloween #trickortreat #rapunzel #disney #princess #witch

HP’s theme for this year’s Trick or Treat is video games. The SAP Practice SI Tower chose Minion Rush so I dressed up Chloe as a minion. She had fun. #halloween #trickortreat #trickandtreat #minion #diycostume #despicableme #toddler

He went out after we had dinner and after ranting how bad my day was. He came back with 3 red roses. Thank you for turning a bad day into a good one. Love love you @ziznarf_21!

Thank you, Daddy! @ziznarf_21